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Softball WA State Team Officials 2014 Announced

Sue McLennan - 27 June 2013

The Board of Softball WA would like to congratulate the following successfull applicants on being chosen as the State Team Officials for 2013/14.


Team:                      Head Coach                       Assistant Coach                           Manager                      Scorer

Open Men                 Gary Butler                         Vikki Bingley                                Justin Morgan               Lisa Beaney

Open Women            Shane Hughes                    Chantelle James                           Geoff Shaw                   Kathry Wylie

U19 Men                   Michael Shipard                 Vacant                                          Vacant                         Evelyn Harvey

U19 Women              Chantelle James                 Drew Herrington                            Vacant                         Kay Wenban

U17 Boys                  Peter Byrne                       Guy Bellair                                   Vacant                         Cathy Bertolini

U17 Girls                   Michelle Smith                   Sheena Paranihi                           Liam Smith                  Milosa Jackson

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