Our Scoring program continues to be a core part of the Softball Australia landscape.  Our program is involved at all levels of softball from the local grassroots through to the most elite international competitions.

Scorers have endless opportunities in softball and with the support of the leaders at local, state and national levels, umpires can achieve great success and have lots of fun and great memories within our sport.

Today’s scorer requires a unique set of skills to tracka nd record a vast array of what occurs on the diamond.  As a scorer, you must be able to understand the rules of the game, interpret quickly the calls and decisions and commit them to the score sheet.  Scorers are a vital component of our great game.

The accreditation pathway comprises of four levels that focus on the technical competency teaching all components of scoring in an effort to better educate scorers and provide a guided pathway for advancement.  In addition to these four levels, the National Scoring Committee offers a level 5 course aimed at allowing statisticians to advance their scoring careers to the elite level of scoring, statistics and technology. Recognition for international appointments is provided through the award of level 6.


Softball Australia has created this platform with the long-term goal  to provide a plethora of softball specific and general resources to help upskill and educate our coaches, scorers, umpires and more

New resources, courses and programs are uploaded to the platform regularly to help in the development and upskilling of individuals in all areas of the sport. 

On our website, you will find lots of information to help you become a scorer and advance your accreditation.

For more information contact Softball WA Director of Scoring Karen Vagg